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Argiope's Sticky Surprise by solidzesnake

hello sir. so how to start this critique , the global scene is well done, you've greatly inserted your characters in the scene, perspec...



answer 20 : lethaltickling by sakuchaoran
answer 20 : lethaltickling
:iconlethaltickling: How often do you get in glue/tar traps and how long it takes you to came out of thoses?

Sasha : getting in those situation is as casual for me as you having a breakfast ^^ .  i can't remind how many time it happened, between tar pit in jungle and unknown planet, my own pet kuji-san, some traps on the spaceship i stole, my own security system wich gone wrong, and other ....   how i get out, generally i remove the part of my suit wich is stuck ( if you ask if i ever get totally nude, i kill you ///w/// )  .  and if not possible, i always have a universal solvent in my suit...if my hand aren't too stuck to grap and open the bottle (^w^)  .

Sakuchaoran : sorry for the long time to answer, i had a long time without any inspiration -_- .   i hope this draw answer as better as possible to your question ^^ .

sasha and kuji-san (c) me :iconsakuchaoran:

Glue godess /krystal (c) :iconsupermafia:
answer 19 : supermafia by sakuchaoran
answer 19 : supermafia
:iconsupermafia: How would you react if a cat-girl who can change into glue form at will becomes your friend? In the sticky way, of course. ^^

Sasha :  friendly with a sticky cat would be interesting, but i wonder if my fur will fit to a too sticky relation O.O .
             plus , if she flew a pool of mess everytime , i'm always in troubles with my Kuji-san , with a sticky neko more ,   i'm not going anywhere anymore since now  ^^ 

sakuchaoran :  i tried a new pose on sasha , about glue godess, as i don't know a lot this character, i made her as simple as possible  =)  
                        hope you like  =D
answer 18 : roukaryu by sakuchaoran
answer 18 : roukaryu
:iconroukaryu:   say, what do you like to do as a hobby?

Sasha : well, when i'm exploring space, stealing in spaceship, and struggling to get free from glue traps, i love reading manga and playing videogames (^w^) . actually i play a lot on rayskim , from thebesda (copyright ^^ )  , a epicness rpg =D . and you, what do you like ?  =)

sakuchaoran :  well something bore me in this draw .  i think the head and arms are good, but under the chest there are some tropubles and i can't see what to do to solve them .  anyone have an idea that might help me to correct this draw?  i feel like i get back some years in the past u_u
answer 17 :razorvolare by sakuchaoran
answer 17 :razorvolare
:iconrazorvolare:   Sasha, would you like to take a bath w/ me? You must be all filthy from all the mud, sand, and glue you sink in. I'll wash your back~ x3

sasha :  thank you , sir .  sound like having my dear kuji_san in bath with me was a bad idea, i'm now all sticky , and trapped to the bench .  looks like my foot is stuck too .  i hope this brush will remove all the slime .  why the only pet i really like and sound like me don't fith with my fur  owo ...

sakuchaoran : i failled again on the hand, but i tried my best on the pose of every of the characters, and the storyboard of that scene .  i hope you like this work .  also i think i finally found the best style for Kuji-san ^^ . i have for this to thank a lot Yaguchi, a japanese friend from pixiv  .  here is his page works  and a cute art work he made for me some times ago =D… .
Ask me by sakuchaoran

a devart friend asked me today to post a new question to sasha =)
i'm glad from every who asked something to my cuttie neko ^^ 

btw, i post this anouncement to say that , if after a week i don't see any new question (instead of the new coming one) , i'll close this "ask me"  =)  


sakuchaoran's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

hello there =D
I'm fan of manga and anime , i love drawing and colouring , i'm a bit fetishist (sticky stuck favorited , but also wedge, bondage )
but not much vore or sinking , i hate to see someone going to die
i also have some project (manga in progress) but yet i'l still to weak /less skilled to make them . every works can help me to
improve my skills

request/free works are only for real friends


- sticky substance
-wedge stuck
-bondage / tied (still beginner at this , so no good yet )

instead of fetish, i accept more casual scene :

-drawing characters
-sexy pose

what i absolutly DON'T accept :

Guro , Mutilation, Death, Deadly scene ....

all these kind of scene are prohibed from my list , so please note it before asking one of them to me

thank you so much =)


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